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Memorable Lakeside Small School


The lakeside small school of Obonai elementary school was run by Tazawako-machi and abolished in 1974. The wooden small school was repaired in 2004, and opened to the public. The building, garden and the details of the class room were unchanged, and there remains nostalgic atmosphere.


Sitting on the chair in the classroom probably reminds you of the elementary school days. It is easy to imagine that your teacher comes in the classroom from the hallway and a class is getting started. If you walk in the hallway, there are children running loudly and a teacher telling them not to run. “Memorable Lakeside Small School” is the place where the time is stopped, and there exist the precious which we have already lost.

written by Futakata, Taiyo Printing


Memorable Lakeside Small School
Address: 226 Ichinowatashi, Tazawakokata, Senboku City, Akita 014-1203
Phone: +81-187-43-0766
Open Hours: 09:00~16:00
Closed: Tuesday

Direction: 15 minutes walking from Uedakonoki stop of “Tazawako round line” bus leaving JR Tazawako station, or 20 minutes driving from JR Tazawako station. Parking is available in the garden of the school.
Notes: Inside of the school there are several nostalgic things such as the wood stove and organ which remind us of the elementary school days. The craft market is held on Saturday and Sunday in late May. The products made by various artists are displayed in the market such as handcraft pottery, clothes and so on.

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