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Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley

“Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley” is located in northeast of the Kakunodate castletown and south of Lake Tazawa-ko. The valley is in a middle part of River Tama-gawa, which is a branch of River Omono-gawa, and its length is about 10 kilo meters. The valley is registered to the prefectural natural park, and has the mountain stream in emerald green, and the seasonally changed landscape of the mountains.

In this valley there exist several sights to be seen, and they are represented by “one hot spring, six falls and three islands.” “One hot spring” means Natsuse-onsen, “six falls” mean the six big falls in the mountain stream, and “three islands” mean the three strange stones which are called “Stone of shamaness,” “Stone of throne” and “Island of Utou” respectively.

Among them “Mikaeri Falls,” one of the six falls, is the most impressive. The falls is located at 30- minute walking distance along the walking trail beside the valley. The height of the falls is about 30 meters, and there exist affluent water in the falls, and cool and clean air near the basin. “Mikaeri Falls” is named after the emotion wanting to turn around and see it again. When you visit to Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley, please forget busyness of everyday life in grand nature and bring back the past.

written by Ito, Akita University


Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley
Address: From Sotsuda, Tazawako to Hirokunai, Kakunodate-machi, Senboku City, Akita, 014-113
Direction: 15 minutes driving from JR Kakunodate station, or 45 minutes walking from JR Jindai station.

Access Map

Notes: Parking is available and walking is only allowed from there. It takes 30 minutes to Mikaeri Falls by walk. Because the pathway is slippery, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended. Some parts of the walking path are closed when it is raining or the river is swollen. It is necessary to prepare carefully.

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