Culture & History

  1. 写真樺細工03


    What is your purpose for spending the money during a travel? You will spend the money to make a special experience…

  2. Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley

    “Dakigaeri-keikoku Valley” is located in…

  3. 写真潟分校01

    Memorable Lakeside Small School

    The lakeside small school of Obonai elem…

  4. Sobakiri Chosuke

    Farmer’s Soba Restaurant in Old Samurai Resid…

  5. 写真 たかはし食堂

    Takahashi Shokudo

    Iconic Foods in Kakunodate Speaking…

  6. Gozanoishi-jinja Shrine

  7. Statue of Tatsuko

  8. Culture Exploration

  9. Introduction of Kakunodate


Statue of Tatsuko

Scenery created by grand nature is always di…